Kit Review: 1/48 Taube
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 01:04:07 -0400

Kit No.035
Etrich Taube
Lone Star Models
Houston, Tx 77215-0954

Kit Contents
Vacuformed Fuselage and Flying Surfaces, 9 Parts
Resin Fuel Tank and Radiators, 3 Parts
White Metal Wheels, Undercarriage, Control Stick, Engine, Prop, 12 Parts
Photo-Etched Wheel Spokes
Strut and Rod Stock
Excellent Instruction Sheet with Very Nice Plans and Most Importantly Clear
and Concise Instructions on how to make, using the parts supplied, the most
bitchen set of wire wheels for an antique airplane that ever was except for
the set you get in the Metrop 1/24 Coudron G.3. Which I nominate as the best
I ever saw, mind you I've only seen a few which I would , but I digress.
Back to the Taube,
I did read that some people thought that my obvious and downright self
serving review
of the"Fighting Triplanes" was a barefaced attempt to lure some fanatic book
slave to
send me his money. I want to publicaly renounce that slanderous and
idea here and now. The real reason I put that little piece on the net was to
allert all of you of the high regard to which I hold that Book. I am toying
with the idea of lending that book out to some people. Strictly in the
spirit of the man who left that book behind when he went west. If anybody has
read this far and has anything to say about that,
I would like to read it in the Public Forum. I'm serious about letting it out
so lots of us can look at those wonderful pictures and read Mr. Haddingham's
fine text. It's really very readable, much, much better than this.
Back To The Taube Again,
Suffice it to say that rest of the kit will enable you to build a 'proper'
airplane to show off those wheels. As a matter of fact, the wheels, great as
they are, are only slightly better than the rest of the kit.
So, the Taube has already been promised to a man who sent me a Money Order
far away. But if you like to look at and own wonderful examples of the
Kit Makers Art, keep your eyes open for this and the Lohner 'L' which is just
as good.
It's gone too.

Recommended For Experienced Modelers

Just to prove that you can build this thing, I've seen pictures, in more than
one publication, of a Taube that did real well in the U. S. Nationals a few
years back. It was reported to have been built from a Lone Star Kit. I
can't say that I have built this little beauty, but I know a good model when
I see one.

And speeking of good models, Andy from up in Vancouver is building a most
1/72 Camel from the Revell Kit. I was looking in the cockpit and he had
reproduced all those little pullys.The wood panels on the inside were hand
drawn with color pencils,
grain for grain. Andy has won our Vancouver Fall Show Best Biplane for the
years. Always in 1/72, . . . . . . . . . great hands, he's the drummer in a
rock 'n roll band.

I do love model airplanes, I do really, Mike