Re: Nie. 28 Info Request

Bob Pickwoad (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 20:26:37 -0700

At 07:59 PM 8/28/95 EDT, wrote:
>On Sun, 27 Aug 1995, (Bob Pickwoad) wrote:
>>At 02:09 PM 8/26/95 EDT, wrote:
>>>Thanks for the info, it really helps. If I can't get any further info on
>>the snake colors I'll go with the Mass. design colors. As far as the cowl
>>goes, I have documentation that describes the "star" that centers on the
>>cowl as white.
>> Any idea on the actual spacing of the stiching? I'm sort of guessing that
>>it was ~4".
>All the close up photos I have that show the knotting under the rib tapes
>show it to be uniform spacing, and spaced about the width of on of the
>outboard interplane struts at thier full thickness, not where they taper
>down at the connection points.
>BTW... the tapes are NOT pinked. Standard practice for Nieuport was to use
>a sliced tape, and pull some threads out at the edges to fray it a bit.
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>Again, thanks for the info re. the spacing of the stitches. I'm aware of
the fraying of the "pinking" strips, in fact I pointed this out to a friend
who built a Proctor Jenny and on a dare he did it to this model. He swears
he'll never do it again! As for me, I plan to do it to this Nieuport (and
then, probably never again). Actually, I'll probably go so far as to perform
an accurate rib stitching as well; perhaps this will eradicate some Karma
from my account.