Eduard Sopwith Pup in 1/48

Brian Bushe (
29 Aug 1995 09:46:28 +0100

Here you go guys, the latest from Eduard, compared to my only ref, the
Windsock Datafile (no. 2? newly rereleased). Sorry I didn't compare
the dimensions too closely. It is larger than the plans in the
datafile - what scale are they?

Please note these are opinions only and I am happy to be corrected.
Especially on the issue of the cowling. I would be happy to be wrong
about that.

Eduard Sopwith Pup Mini Review.

First look at this kit shows typical Eduard plastic, maybe a slight
improvement over, say, the Sopwith Baby, plus a medium sized
photo-etched fret. The instrument panel has a nice film part which I
know will look good.

Another bag contains a white metal generic nine cylinder rotary
engine, which has a pe ignition harness to go with it. This bag
also has a couple of pins plus a resin Vickers machine gun and a cast
metal engine cowling.

The resin Vickers is first rate and requires only two pe parts to
make a miniature masterpiece, a further two piece frame attaches to
the rear to hold the clear windscreen. Bravo, Eduard. Note most
pups had a prominent cushioning around the windscreen, which was
often removed by the pilots at the front. Eduard supply a frame for
the windscreen but it would be to flat to represent the padding. Build
this up with plastic strip (engrave a few buttons and creases........?).
The last engine cowling looks lovely, cleans up well but lacks the
prominent front vent shown in most plans and photos. Also, it has
two unusual panel lines, and the two slots that are included are
asymmetric, again not matching my references. Almost a step
forward. There are markings for two machines, 'Do-Do' and 'Yes' which
both appear in the Wind Sock datafile.

'Do-Do', 9899, is correctly marked as shown. As it is a preproduction
model it has early markings, which should indicate the upper wing
roundels would be positioned inboard. The photo, however, shows
Eduard has them correctly in the later position. I cant make out the
armament in the photo but Eduard seem to suggest none. However, the
photo suggests, as does the early model number, that it should have
the early oval maintenance hatches, which aren't included. BTW
according to the Datafile the cowling and surrounding parts were
painted battleship grey, not left natural metal.

'Yes', A648, also appears to have correct markings, including later
type white outline roundels. The access hatches would be the later
rectangle shape modelled. This is the one I would make 'out of the
box' with the small addition of the padding around the windshield
(clearly shown in the photo) and a few cockpit details. I assume
most of your guys would be beefing up some of the pe details to make
them 3-D. Photo in windsock shows the padding around the winscreen
still on this a/c. The kit appears to be in proportion and apart from
the cowling, easy to detail. I'm open to suggestions on how to fix
that but I guess it will be a case of drilling and carving a new vent.

Note Eduard painting guide shows this front vent on both aircraft!

My conclusion, at sterling 12.50 this is great value and a must buy.
The Vickers gun is a gem and the pe details make it an exciting kit.

Go on, buy it.


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