Re: Proctor Fokker E III

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Tue, 29 Aug 1995 04:46:33 -0700

At 10:05 AM 8/28/95 -0800, wrote:
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>Date: 8/28/95 9:22 AM
>Wondering if anyone has some details or first hand impressions of Protor's new
>Fokker monoplane kit.
>Tally ho,
>HEY!! HEY!! Just 'cause I "invested" in the Jenny and the Albatros doesn't
>I buy them all!! :) (big sarcasm/joke/humour) ((of course if they had to
>discontinue it as well... Who knows?))
>I haven't seen it but am anxiously awaiting the offer to do a review of the kit
>as well as the engine around which they designed it!!
>Thayer Syme
>San Francisco
>Hi, Thayer

I have a lot of information regarding construction tips for the Proctor
Jenny compilated by a friend who built one. His took first place in the
Southwestern Scale Masters qualifications (we're on our way nest week to
Dayton for the big contest)and he did a pile of research prior to, and
during the construction phase. If you want a package of this info, or want
to get in touch with my buddy (John Cole) let me know. I know that he's been
in touch with several guys across the country regarding his execution of
this kit.