Re: Eduard Sopwith Pup in 1/48

Brian Bushe (
29 Aug 1995 14:26:22 +0100

In <>, Matt Bittner wrote:
>On 29 Aug 95 at 20:32, Mick Fauchon muttered:

>Depending on which company built the Pup, the cowling will be
>different. I believe there were at least three companies
>manufacturing the Pup, and all three had different cowlings. The
>two that come to mind first are (naturally) Sopwith and Beardmore
>(sp?). I can't remember the exact differences, but know there are
>plenty of differences in the cowl between Sopwith and Beardmore.
>Again, if memory serves, the "vent" was only on Sopwith built
>machines, and the Beardmore cowl was a more "robust", rounded style,
>with no vents but a couple of cooling holes(?). For the best
>reference, turn to the Datafile Special on the Pup.

The third was Standard who won the first major tender. The plans don't
show any differences for the Standard cowling (as opposed to the
Sopwith) and my quick survey of photos seemed to vindicate that. The
Beadmore cowl could be built around the kit part with a bit of effort
(probably made harder by the cast metal piece but still not too hard).

You'd need the plans for that.


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