Re: Eduard Sopwith Pup in 1/48

Brian Bushe (
29 Aug 1995 14:41:26 +0100

In <>, Matt Bittner wrote:
>On 29 Aug 95 at 9:46, Brian Bushe muttered:
><Review snipped for space>
>Anybody have any idea when it will be available in the states?
>Also, I thought that the Albatros C.III was released in the UK.
>Correct? If that's the case, shouldn't the C.III be the next one out
>in the states?

The Morane Saulnier L, was released a while ago, closely followed by
the Albatross C.iii. both about 6 weeks ago here. The Pup has been out
at least two weeks here.


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