RE: systems group managers

Patrick Messer (pfm@icarus)
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 10:11:08 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Here's the list again which we looked at last week. I've added your
names next to the group you're responsible for. I'd like you to add
to this list whatever you think is appropriate, and on thursday we
can meet briefly to review everything (and look at rob's task system).

Feel free to add other people's names to items within your category
(see Silo Backups below). I've added a some additional topics as well
to the original list.

I think also that between us there are several news groups which should
be read on at least a weekly basis. Here are some suggestions, feel
free to add/remove if you know of other/better news groups: pfm jbh
comp.sys.sgi.misc rea pfm
comp.sys.sgi.admin rea
comp.sys.sun.admin aew
comp.unix.solaris pfm pmc
comp.dcom.lans.ethernet jbh
comp.dcom.lans.fddi jbh
account:pfm [andrcl]
moderated & forum news groups pfm Managers/ pfm



A. Operations -- MLM

Silo Backups (mlm, pfm)
Dump Backups
Disk Maintenance
Peripheral support/maintenance (plotters, printers, modems, tape drives)
Network maintenance
making/testing cables
clearing/setting ports
maintaining closet database
maintaining network diagram

B. Hardware -- AEW

Maintain maintenance contracts / support numbers
network hardware
cpu hardware

C. Systems -- REA

OS upgrades
Patches - plan scheduled patch updates for suns

D. Network -- JBH

plan/schedule move to sr net

monitor network with sunnet manager, controlpoint,
custom scripts, etc...

E. Security -- PFM

System monitoring
COPS/Tripwire/tcp wrappers/...
Router filters

F. Miscellaneous -- PMC

Customer Support
RCC WEB/Oracle Database:
We should follow up on some of the stuff Tucker
was working on earlier this summer. It would be
nice to have a database of all cpus, serial #s,
contacts, etc... Also we should establish a means
by which the rcc web page is regularly updated and
New Task system