Pup and cowls...

Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 12:05:44 -0500

In looking through the Pup Special - and just going by the scale
plans - it appears that only Standard and Whithead built Pup's had
different cowls. The Standard cowl looks to be just a slight
deviation from the Sopwith, et.al cowl; however, the Whitehead cowl
is a different matter all together. The cowl was made to go around
the 100 hp Gnome, so it had a few more "cooling holes", plus some
"stiffening ribs", and it looks to be more of a "horseshoe" shape
(versus the "full", other cowl types).

Granted, it has been known for planes to go through "conversion" in
the field, so a photograph is still your best bet, when dealing with
a specific aircraft. This would also pertain to the "coaming" around
the windscreen/gun.

Here's where the fun sets in: how about someone doing one of the
training machines, as "colored" in the Special? Let's say the "blue
and white" checkerboard scheme?

Which brings up a point: when I enter some of my WW1's in the
monthly "popularity" contest, a common comment from people is "it's
too dull", especially when dealing with RFC/RNAS machines. Well, do
one of these training schemes, and you won't be "dull" again. At
least your 'planes won't... :-)

Now we need to see Blue Rider/Aeromaster/Xtracal/Americal go to town
with 1/48th decals. Heck, we also need more 1/72nd!!!! Blue Rider
released the "Colorful Camel's" sheet in 1/72nd; now the need to
release it in 1/48th, especially when DML's Camel is released.
Anybody heard any approximate dates for this release? I think that
DML should jump on the wagon quicker, and release Albatros' sooner
than Eduard. Or, try to come up with something that Eduard isn't
planning. How about a DFW C.V? Wouldn't that look great next to the
Hannover and Albatros C.III? Gads, how about DML coming out with a
Gotha or Friedrichshafen bomber? Now, I would buy two of those...


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