Re: Pup and cowls...
Wed, 30 Aug 95 11:58:19 PST

------regarding Matt Bitner's wishes for DML releases...

It seems to me that DML produces more of the mainstream
WWI aircraft while Eduard does a lot of the other stuff that
used to be only available in vacuform, resin, or not at
all. I wish that DML would take chances like they are with
their WWII stuff.

I could really see DML releasing a very nice SE 5 or
Nieuport (something). I would crawl across broken glass for
a DML Bristol fighter (F2b? I don't remember and I always
get the number mixed up with the Vickers gun bus)

Oh well. Have fun out there. Afraid that I'm doing a 1/72
DML HE219 right now from that other little conflict.

-----Stephen Tontoni