DML Kits

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 16:35:24 +0000

To continue the thread:

>> ------regarding Matt Bitner's wishes for DML releases...
>> It seems to me that DML produces more of the mainstream
>> WWI aircraft while Eduard does a lot of the other stuff that
>> used to be only available in vacuform, resin, or not at
>> all. I wish that DML would take chances like they are with
>> their WWII stuff.
> The reason DML is willing to take chences with WWII stuff is probably
>that WWII model subjects are already so well covered. Any new offerings in
>the WWII market have a better chence of selling at this point. I think
>that mass producing WWI stuff may be a risk in itself.

Rumor had it that DML's Fokker Dr-I kit was the best selling kit they
ever produced. I have to admit hearing this 3rd or 4th hand, but one has
to wonder if this was a contribution to making the additional WW I kits
they have produced.