Re: Eduard Sopwith Pup in 1/48

Mick Fauchon (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 11:12:42 +1000 (EST)

> Hi Mick, glad to see you're back.

Thanks, Brian, good to be back.

How much are Eduard kits in Germany?
Didn't see the Pup in Germany, but the Hannoveraner and the Albatros
CIII were DM43.00 at Rettkowski's in Hamburg. Unfortunately I didn't have
stowage for them 80(......but...I'm reliable informed that they're on the
way. The Albatros here will cost about $A45.00, the Pup I can let you
know when I get it.

> Yes. Detail photos show a thick padding completely surrounding the
> windscreen. Note the screen is attached to the rear of the gun
> not the fuselage. The padding is more prominent than the cockpit
> coaming.

Fair enough.

> > Photo in windsock shows the padding around the winscreen
> >> still on this a/c. The kit appears to be in proportion and apart from
> >> the cowling, easy to detail. I'm open to suggestions on how to fix
> >> that but I guess it will be a case of drilling and carving a new vent.

Could be worse: you need to drill the lot in the Tom's kit....
not easy in vacform. Mine was quite nice, until---no joking!---the cat
sat on it.

> > Not sure which vent you mean. The one underneath, behind the motor?
> No, on the bottom of the cowl there are three slots, one in front and
> visible from head on (and shown on the front and side elevations in
> the drawings), plus two further underneath ( visible on the side
> elevation and underside drawings). These appear on all 'normal' cowls
> (Sopwith, Standard, and I think Beardmore). The other, heavier cowl
> which Matt referred to appears on the Monosoupape powered Pups built
> by Whitehead (I think).

Yep, those are the ones. I was thinking of the "exhaust channel"