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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 07:21:54 -0500

On 31 Aug 95 at 11:21, Mick Fauchon muttered:

> P.S. DML's prices are certainly against them here, especially
> conpared to Eduard.

I've seen it to be quite the opposite here, especially with Eduard's
newest releases. I've seen the Morane N for $15; now the L is out
for $30. Why such a huge price increase? I would suspect a strong
Czech currency against the US dollar, but I'm not certain. There
can't be too much more to the L versus the N. Most DML kits are
anywhere from $19 to $24, depending on where you shop. With the
current releases, DML is a little bit cheaper than Eduard.

Which brings up a point. If we're so "in tune" with the pricing of
Eduard vs. DML, DML must be as well, and it will be interesting to
see just how much they (wind)sock us for the Camel.

I can also understand how DML's Dr.I is their best selling kit. I
know of lot of WW2 modelers who are interested in the Dr.I, just
because it's "Richtofen's plane", and the best known of the Great
War. So you see WW2 modelers venturing into WW1 because of the
plane, and the fact you can get it at a decent price. Plus the fact
they've released it three times: the first, "regular" release; the
release with Richtofen's bust; and the Jacobs release. So they've
just added sales from "completists", as well.


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