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On 30 Aug 95 at 21:26, Mark K. Nelson muttered:

<Review snipped for space. Thanks for some great reviews, Mark!>

> Blue Max(imum$$) 1/48 Injected Nieuport 28:

Now that that's out, and word on the next release? Talk about

All though I have told myself that I will get all Nieuports in 1/48th
and 1/72nd, I'm waiting on this until (a) I get money (typical cry),
and (b) Squadron inevitiably puts it on sale. This is a shame for
the smaller hobby shops, since there are a "few" of us with this
thinking. I would rather get it from my local shop, but since
money's tight with the new baby, I need to wait until the price comes
down. So, I'll wait for the Squadron "gouge". One of the local
shops have two Pegasus 1 1/2 Strutter's for $19.95. I suspect these
will sit for a while, especially since Squadron had them for (I
think) $5.95, or some such.

Anyway, if the 28 is better than the 11, then this is one great kit.
And for Blue Max to include a complete cockpit, they must be feeling
some "crunch" from the other contenders (Eduard, DML, etc.).

I see where the Tom's Modelworks Albatros (D.III?) is out. $35.
Hmm, I think I'll wait for the Eduard (or better yet, the DML).

Here's a thread: Which do people like better and why: Eduard or

Having built only a DML - but owning four Eduard's - I would say
DML's plastic is better, and their "3-D" cockpits are also better.
However, even though Eduard's cockpits are "2-D", they are complete.
Eduard's photo-etch is easier to use, especially since it's brass
versus DML's nickel-plate (or whatever they use). Both companies
decals are suspect, although the markings that come with Eduard kits
are more varied, and a little more robust (except for the Alb. C.III
- come on, everybody does "the dragon"). Eduard's "3-D" struts are
far better than DML's metal ones. I was impressed with DML's Dr.I's
engine, and think that the engine that comes with the Eduard SSW
D.III a "useable" joke (myself, I think I'll buy the Atlee engine

Well, sorry to ramble (again!). All this from a primarily 1/72nd
modeler, as well. Heck, I guess 1/48th isn't that bad...(ugh, I was
just struck down by lightning - and the glare in Steve H.'s eyes!!)

With tongue in cheek,

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