Re: storage...
Thu, 31 Aug 95 12:05:23 PST

I have a couple of acrylic boxes and I like them. I picked
up one for a WWI aircraft and found to my dismay that it
wouldn't fit. So, being logical, I took out my measuring
tape and measured the size box that I would need. Well,
biplanes require a bit more elevation than monoplanes. I
suspect that those boxes were designed with monoplanes in
mind. To find a box high enough to accomodate that airplane,
I'd have to buy a HUGE box. So I didn't.

Boxes are really quite nice. You can also paint the base and
that looks cool too. Or you could spend megabux on an oak
base with an acrylic cover. I did that for a Lionel train
that got handed down to me.

Good luck. --Stephen Tontoni