Re: storage...

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 22:11:51 -0600

> Hi All,
> Time for yet another exceeding irrelevant question, //
> As I was putting away a finished kit last night, it occurred to me to
>wonder how you Fellows-- and Ladies, of course-- store your completed
>models? For myself, I put them in 'flats'

Greetings All,
My finished models end up in one of two display cases. One is a 2ft by
5ft by 4.5ft glass front Mahogany case with 6 shelces in it. The other is
an all glass store style case with lights and full length sliding doors on
both sides. It is 30in wide, 6ft high and 6ft long.
When I was on active duty, my models found space on shelves and counter
tops. They were always covered with dust, and usually ended up in some one
elses collection when I moved (about every 2 years). One of my retirement
goals was to find and purchase a nice case to display my models in. It
took aboout 4 years of looking to find the cases, and the cost was not low,
but it is worth it. My treasures now have a protected home away from dust,
courious folks who always want to see if the props spin and don't know how
to handle models.
Keep an eye open, check out places that are going out of business and on
occasion, a garage sale, and soome very nice cases can be found at a
reasonable cost. You would be surprised how much better your other half
likes your models when they are placed somewhere out of reach, proteced
from dust, and not on her shelf space. All in all, not a bad trade off,
sort of a win/win situation.