Re: Storage

01 Sep 1995 13:57:13 GMT

For another idea on storing built models;

My built collection numbers about 105 1/72 scale models - 31 of which
are WW I aircraft (plus 3 - 1/32 scale WW I figure
dioramas/vignettes). I have none on display, or on shelves, etc.
(because of SWMBO), so I have developed a system that doubles as
storage AND transport (to contests and such) for these models.

I make my own boxes (with lids) out of 3/32" thick corragated
cardboard to a common size (12" x 14" x 4"). This way I don't have to
wonder if some commercially available size/source will become
unavailable later - this facilitates stacking/storage. Within each
box I can store three to six models depending on size, each secured
in place by a cardboard "jig" from side to side movement. When
traveling with them I glue temporary cardboard strips on the jigs to
prevent up & down movement.

I think I have 21 boxes so far (a couple taller to accomodate the
dioramas/vignettes), stacked in the closet. They never get dusty,
always look like I just finished them yesterday and take up very
little space.

You can get the cardboard at any self respecting art supply store in
large sheets. A drawing board w/parallel bar is helpful when laying
out the pieces. White glue joins it all! This method works for me,
I've had VERY LITTLE damage in travel (usually none) and SWMBO is
(relatively) happy! :-)

Steve H.
(Mad Norseguy!)