Re: Storage

Larry Marshall (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 15:54:24 -0400

> I make my own boxes (with lids) out of 3/32" thick corragated
> cardboard to a common size (12" x 14" x 4"). This way I don't have to
> wonder if some commercially available size/source will become
> unavailable later - this facilitates stacking/storage. Within each

Have you ever considered using fomecore instead of corregated cardboard? There
are two advantages to this product I think. First, it cuts VERY cleanly and is
very stiff as it's comprised of a thin foam layer with a bristol paper on each
side. Secondly, the impact resistance is much higher. I've used boxes made from
the stuff to mail stick-n-tissue free flight planes and they arrive undamaged.

This stuff is available in 4x8' sheets from anyone who handles commercial
plastics. You can also get it, albeit at higher prices from art supply stores
in smaller pieces as it's often used by model builders and sign-makers.

Lastly, it's lily white and makes a very neat presentation. I glue the stuff
together using a white glue, generally "Tacky glue" which is a craft glue
that is thicker than white glue and dries crystal clear.

Cheers --- Larry