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Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 19:42:18 -0700

>> 1/48 and 1/72 models. (with some WW2 1/72 bombers mixed in as well -
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Brother, I have, I have, I have most sincerely repented! When
I was young and callow, I did stupid, sinful things! I do confess
I built airplanes without struts - yeah, in my wicked youth
I built airplanes without *propellers*! Aye, though it
pains me to confess it, I even once (God forgive me) built a tank!

But now I have seen the true light and struts and rigging wires
and non-retractible landing gear provide my true salvation!
Yea, I even avoid the temptations of Dr.I's and D.VII's because
they are sinfully lacking in rigging wires and the devilish
models of Junkers aircraft I shun entirely.

But yet the true grail elludes me as the wings and fuselages
still resemble those of more sinful aircraft. Yet, ultimately
I shall obtain the blessed grace of building a Farnam Longhorn -
an aircraft which consists of nothing *but* struts and rigging and
non-retractible landing gear.

Peace be with you, brother.


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