Re: Intro and question
Tue, 05 Sep 95 08:53:53 PST

Finally, the question. I've never build a model with
photoetched parts and was wondering if there is any
preparation I need to do before assembly or painting

yes, I recommend getting a very bright light to see the damn
pieces with, and make sure that you have a fermented
vegetable beverage ready and for when you're done.

Seriously, just take the bits of the "tree" as you need
them; don't take them all off at the same time. I remove
mine with a small wire cutter and cut as close to the piece
as I can. I remove any offensive leftovers with the grinder
on my dremel tool. (love to hear how others deal with this)
Other than that there isn't any special prep that I do. I
use CA glue. Sometimes gap filling, sometimes the regular
stuff, depending. I usually apply it with half a stretched
sprue. Zip kicker is great to freeze it in place. You can
apply that with a junky paint brush or a mashed toothpick. I
wouldn't spray it; it only takes a touch of it to do the

----Stephen Tontoni