Re: Intro and question

Brian Bushe (
05 Sep 1995 17:18:22 +0100

In <9508058103.AA810316445@SCCCGATE.SEACCC.SCCD.CTC.EDU>, wrote:

> Seriously, just take the bits of the "tree" as you need
> them; don't take them all off at the same time. I remove
> mine with a small wire cutter and cut as close to the piece
> as I can. I remove any offensive leftovers with the grinder
> on my dremel tool. (love to hear how others deal with this)

I use a pair of small scissors from squadron which are recommended for
his purpose. They work great on brass but I haven't used them on
nickel or stainless steel yet. They may (probably more like) dull the


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