Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 12:33:41 -0500

What do you use for rigging?

For 1/72nd, I use a model railroad product put out by Detail
Associates. I can't remember the details, but basically, it's brass
"rod" with a diameter of .006". I use another RR product called
_Blacken It_ which is a chemical that blackens all metal except for
stainless steel. I measure each piece as I need it with a pair of
dividers, and glue with either white, or "super" glue.

For 1/48th, I've been using a "malleable steel" wire that I picked up
from my orthodontist YEARS ago. I'm not sure of the diameter, nor of
the "brand", but it works great for 1/48th, and it's easy to use.
Since it's a "steel color", I use as is.

I've tried Airnocker Thing's .004" stainless steel wire, but since it
isn't very malleable, it tends to stay in the rolled "position" it
comes in. I haven't had any luck using anything to straighten it
out. The company recommends (as Strutz do) to drill holes and thread
the wire in that way, but I'm very hesitant to do this.

Anybody have another source for .004" stainless steel wire, that
isn't rolled? I really like the look of this, and would love to use
this instead of the brass, but until I find unrolled wire, I will
stick with the Detail Associates stuff.


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