Re: Old Rhinebeck

Don Rinker (
Tue, 5 Sep 95 18:09 EDT

On Fri, 01 Sep 1995, (Douglas R. Jones) wrote:
>Well it's coming up on that time of year again. The R/C Jamboree at
>Rhinebeck next weekend Sept. 9th & 10th. Anyone else from the list
>attending? I won't have a plane this year

Where is the "famous" Puppeteer ? Flair might pay you an honorarium if you
show up with it :-)
The palne doesnt have to be AMA scale, as you will see. The Puppeteer would
do nicely in the manuvers or freestyle events.

but I will be there to shoot
>pictures and generally just enjoy myself! Any specific information anybody
>wants tracked down while we are there? Besides photos of a Renault Tank. I
>am open to taking photos if someone needs them for documentation. I plan on
>getting some for me to round out what I have taken the last 2 years.

Two years and you're still
on the fence? Come on out. It isnt that rough ! ;-) The trees only demand a
"few" sacrafices each weekend.......
>If anyone else is attending, pehaps we can meet up somewhere? We will be
>attending the banquet on Saturday night.

Ill be there ( 16 the year) Boy am I getting old......
Ill have my world famous ( infamous) Taube again. Damn thing is ten years old
now and too stupid to die. The big triplane will have to wait ( again)

Im not going to the Banquet. Still getting over the last one I went to.


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