Storage and transport of models

Paul Butler (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 11:38:28 +1000

Hello to all

This topic really follows on from the recent thread about storage boxes etc.

The conversation between our plastic modeller friends caused me to revive my
thinking about the same problem for R/C models and perhaps the larger plastic
models. I have been pondering this problem for some time and the following
thoughts have finally jelled.

The requirements for a storage system as defined in previous postings
are as follows:

1. Must protect the model from damage and dust.
2. Must be convenient to carry and store.

and in addition for an R/C model:

3. Must prevent the model from warping ar changing shape due to changes in
temperature and humidity.

I think a suitable solution is to build an enclosing space frame with suitable
padded supporting structure that actually touches the model. A space frame can
be light and very stiff if properly designed and constructed. It could be built
from 3/4" sq. (2cm) timber on the same building board you used to construct the

The design might be as follows.

1. Three parts:
a) A lower tray to support the fuselage.
b) An intermediate frame that encloses the fuselage and clamps it into
position to prevent movement.
c) A upper tray that forms the lid. It will also hold the wing panels in a
suitable structure that prevents warping.

2. All three parts are fixed together to form one big rectangular block.
3. If you adhere to the one scale for all your models, it should be possible
to arrive at suitable dimensions that will allow you to stack the blocks.
For instance, the width and height might be constant but the length might
vary to accomodate different wingspans.
4. If you have a constant width, you could fix aluminum angles to the top of
each lid to act as restraints and guides when stacking the blocks.
5. Suitably dimensioned blocks might allow four or more models to be carried
in the one vehicle.
6. For extra protection you might consider fabricating zippered canvas bags
to enclose the block. The bag could also have carry handles attached.

There I have run out of ideas. Would anyone else like to comment


Paul Butler