Re: Hello!

Jay M. Thompson (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 22:37:40 -0400

>Welcome! This is a great list, and relatively flame free (unless
>you start talking about building models that aren't in the WW1
>era...:-)) Besides not building in the Master's scale, you're more
>than welcome here! :-) (More flamebait.)

Hehehe...well, when it comes to flames, I doubt anything here will surpass
what is common practice in the Air Warrior boards on GEnie, where one cannot
survive without some Nomex underwear;-) If anyone wants to see some
absolutely crushing, vicious, hilarious insults, I have plenty saved.

>Didn't Skyworks (Skywaves?) do a relatively correct D.III in resin?
>Why not build the Glencoe? (Okay, you can stop guffawing, and get
>up from the floor.)

>> correctly. That was a real head-scratcher, and I can tell you the process of
>> getting them all in place and tensioned as I closed and glued the fuselage
>> halves was rather exciting.
>Okay, don't keep us guessing. How did you do it?

Geez, that would be complicated to describe in text. Basically, I drilled holes
through the fuselage in the correct exit points for the aileron cables. For the
rudder and elevator cables, I ran them through loops behind the seat, so
they'd look
like they were going tstraight back into the fuselage, and then pulled them out
of holes further back on the fuselage. The control column mounted to another
running crosswise to the fuselage, so I made that wire long and ran it out
of holes
on either side of the fuselage. Confused yet? I am.

The hardest part was getting the wires tight over the blocks they ran over-
once that
was done all I had to do was pull them tight out of the drilled holes.

Jay aka Voss