Re: Intro and question

Jay M. Thompson (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 23:09:52 -0400

> make sure that you have a fermented
> vegetable beverage ready and for when you're done.

Excellent suggestion.

> I remove
> mine with a small wire cutter and cut as close to the piece
> as I can. I remove any offensive leftovers with the grinder
> on my dremel tool.

I use a sheet of window glass as a backing, and an E-xacto knife to cut
the parts off. The sheet of glass gives a hard surface to ease the cutting
process, and you don't run the risk of bending anything you don't want
to bend, as (IMO) you do by using wire cutters. Also, you can cut pretty
much right on the separation point, so you don't have any burrs left over
to grind off.

> Other than that there isn't any special prep that I do.

I usually (VERY carefully) scuff sand the entire tree with some 4-600 grit
sandpaper, before removing any of the parts. This gives a slight 'tooth'
for the glue to hang on to.

> I use CA glue. Sometimes gap filling, sometimes the regular
> stuff, depending. I usually apply it with half a stretched
> sprue. Zip kicker is great to freeze it in place. You can
> apply that with a junky paint brush or a mashed toothpick. I
> wouldn't spray it; it only takes a touch of it to do the
> job.

Yeah CA glue is good. If you need to fiddle with the positioning, some 5
minute epoxy does he trick. for precise placement of Zip Kicker, I use a
piece of wire. Spray the wire, and a small bead will collect at the end.