Re: Hello!

mark (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 01:41:46 -0700

>> Why not build the Glencoe? (Okay, you can stop guffawing, and get
>> up from the floor.)
> Build? How do you build the Glencoe?----Sheesh!
> Mick.
Having built the Glencoe (and lived to tell the tale) I can tell you that
it practically requires the gift of telepathy..or perhaps a Vulcan mind meld
with the bozo who designed it. You get the idea. In all seriousness (as if
one can actually be serious when discussing the Glencoe dog plane), the
first thing you must absolutely do is disregard the so called instructions
completely, and revert to your basic, animal, modeling instincts. Then
consume several fermented malt beverages to lubricate the neurons, while
gazing at the parts spread before you, focusing in your mind the image of a
completed DIII to aid in determining which parts go where (the "pointer"
from an old Ouija board is helpful in this). Also -despite what the
instructions say- you must banish from your mind the possibility that you
have a choice of versions to build, as there is really only one
option/version - and it's up to you to figure out which one it is. Also, be
prepared to do a <<<<lot>>>>> of sanding and filling, especially on the
upper fuselage panel. In the end, mine turned out relatively OK...I've even
thought of doing it again....but my therapist always talks me out of it.

Mark R.