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Don Rinker (
Mon, 14 Aug 95 17:28 EDT

On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, "Matt Bittner" <> wrote:
>Had the esteemed pleasure of talking to Greg Van Wyngarden this
>weekend, and managed to ask him about Goering's Triplane (note: I'm
>spelling Goering this way because I have no umlaught's, and this is a
>common way to spell German words/names that have umlaut's when you
>have none).
>The Triplane was a standard-finish tripe (i.e. olive-streaked). It
>had a white cowel, white struts, white undercarriage, (possibly)
>white wheel coverings, and a white tail - which included the fuselage
>from the tail back, including underside. Standard Balken's
This agrees pretty much with what I reported a few weeks back:

Goring had a releatively short period where the Dr-1 was available to hime
His last kill in Feb 1918 was in an Alb d-V, and shortly thereafter he went
into the hospital and on convalescent leave. J27 was only beginning to
with Dr-1's in Feb 1918, still having many Alb d-V on strength. By the time
Goring got back into form and scored his next kill in June I beleive, many
groups had already gone to the D-Vll.

Goring flew Dr-1 209/17 ( the one photo Ive seen is the same mentioned in
the Harlyford Red Baron book)....
Alex Imrie believes this Dr-1 was marked with white cabanes,landing gear
legs,wheel disks,cowling,tailplane and aft fuselage. I do not have the three
view of this, but Dan San Abbott may have done this scheme in a three view.

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