it's ALL for sale, more books
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 19:46:23 -0400

Hi guys and gals, the feeding frenzy at the Windsock and Kits trough has
been overwhelming. I hope everyone who contacted me has gotten a
satisfactory reply, if not try to get me again. The only Harleyford books
taken are the Marine Aircraft and the Bomber/Rece Aircraft. The prices on
the remaining Harleyford books are now lowered by $10.00 each. Here are some
MORE GOODIES for your pleasure:
Please feel free to ask me for more details on this stuff if you see
something you think you might like. Also please tell me if you think any of
the prices are out of line and why. I want to be reasonable. As before,
please e-mail me direct with your replies.

Squadron Signal in Action at $8.00 each
#1098 Fokker Dr.1
#1046 Albatros Fighters
#1110 Sopwith Fighters
#1069 SE-5a
#1137 Bristol Fighter
#1123 BE2
#1093 Spad Fighters
Polish Profile #114 Spad VII-XIII $3.00
Arco-Aircam No.9 Spad Scouts VII-XIII $6.00 ( this is the book glencoe
copied for their new decal release, no decals here tho.)
Wingspan Publications Fokker Fighters of World War 1 Gray & Stair $10.00
Wingspan Publications Albatros Fighters of World War 1 Gray & Stair $10.00
Naval Aviation in WW-1 (U.S.Navy) VanWyen $15.00 a little gem, complete,
many photos.
Kookaburra Sopwith Snipe as good as the datafile $10.00
Aero Publishers S.E.5a as good as the datafile $10.00
Janes All The Worlds Aircraft 1919, Arco reprint $35.00
Famous Flyers Billy Bishop, The Man and the Aircraft He Flew $5.00
Gatchina Days, by Alexander Riaboff (ww-1 russian airman autobiography)
British Aviation The Great War and Armistice, Penrose $20.00
A Pictorial History of the Luftstreitkrafte 1910-1918, Nowarra this is the
first three volumes of an extensive paperback set on the history of German
Military Aviation custom bound into a super book. 5" x 8" x 1 5/16 thick 650
pages, 2 or 3 photos on 95% of the pages. Completely Superior. A treasure
for the serious student of ww-1 german aviation. cheap at $100.00
Wild Blue Yonder, Clark ww-1 aviation training in Canada and Texas many
photos good story $20.00
Airmen of WW-1 150+ photos of the people of the RFC, $14.00
Scale Aircraft Drawings WW-1 Model Airplane News Wylam, Nieto, etc. $10.00
Taube, Dove of War, de Vries $16.00
NASM #7 DH-4 Flaming Coffin to Living Legend $10.00
Air Aces of the Austro Hungarian Empire 1914-1918, O'Connor 1st. ed $60.00
The First War Planes 'Fawcett' nostalgia $8.00
Sky Fighters of WW-1 'Fawcett' more nostalgia $8.00
Men and Machines of the Australian Flying Corp, Kookaburra $20.00
Aircraft Archive, Vol. 1,2,3, at $15.00 each
War Planes of the 1st. ww, Bruce vol. 1,2,3,4,5, $30.00 the set
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