Re: Fokker D-VII ID requested

Don Rinker (
Tue, 15 Aug 95 22:10 EDT

On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, (DR DOUGLAS G FAULDER) wrote:
>In a book I have there is of photo of a Fokker D-VII with interesting
>markings. The rear fuselage is white and the front fuselage is a
>solid dark color, like the a/c of Jasta 18.

This doesn't necessarily mean Jasta 18. Several other Jastas used a dark
nose and a lighter colored aft section vetically divided near the cockpit
at this time.
BTW... I've seen photos of at least 25 jasta 18 D-VII and never saw one with
any applied marking on the forward area. ( THis doesnt Mean the COULDN't be
one of course... :-)

On the front fuselage
>there is a bold zig-zag marking in white (or yellow).
If it had been yellow, it would appear
as black on the photo. Best odds are white or blue

At the
>junction of the two colors, just behind the cockpit, there is a
>letter or a monogram, but only the upper part is visible behind the
>allied flyers standing in front of the a/c. A sharp demarcation is
>visible between the upper and lower colors on the upper and lower

An indication of a very early model D-VII. The first
run of them were shipped in painted schemes usuing tghe same camoflage
system as on the Dr-1 and D-VI... Streaky green above, pale blue

The metal cowl panels are almost devoid of louvers,
>except for four just in front of the wing root.

Another indication of a very early model.

Im not familiar with this particular plane so without seeing the photo, thats
about all I can tell you.

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