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Allan Wright (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 08:29:27 -0400 (EDT)

Jess says:
> I'm painting a Fokker D VII that has a streaked olive fusalage and
> lozenge wings. I need help with two things:
> 1) What Polly S colors should I use for the streaked olive,
> (ie which color for olive, which color for the linen).
> I figured 'doped linen' for the linen, but maybe something
> else works better?

I believe that the Poly S 'Clear Doped Linen' is a good color but definately
not for this application. I put it on the lightest end of the color range for
clear doped linens. I would solicit Steve for his technique - it appears to
look very realistic.....Steve?

> 2) Im using lozenge decals on the wings. Should I paint the
> wings white, or use a more 'linen' color.

I've always had good luck painting the wings the color of the LIGHTEST color
in the lozenge decal. That way if you make a slight error in trimming the
devals at the edge of the wing the error is almost always well hidden by the
appropriate color underneath! Barring that white or linnen should both be
light enough and neutral enough for any good lozenge decals.


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