Re: Color Advice Needed

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 07:55:16 -0500

On 16 Aug 95 at 0:02, Jess Stuart sprecht:

> I'm painting a Fokker D VII that has a streaked olive fusalage and
> lozenge wings. I need help with two things:

Cool!! (Revell, right? ;-) ) Who's machine?

> 1) What Polly S colors should I use for the streaked olive,
> (ie which color for olive, which color for the linen).
> I figured 'doped linen' for the linen, but maybe something
> else works better?

I don't remember the exact shade, but I think I might have used a
color in their fantasy line: "Troll Brown/Green". It's really close
for the streaked finish, but it's almost spot on :-) for PC-10. Yes,
I use "Clear Doped Linen"; sometimes straight, sometimes lightened
and sometimes darkened - especially since the linen faded over time.

> 2) Im using lozenge decals on the wings. Should I paint the
> wings white, or use a more 'linen' color.

Shouldn't matter, since the decals are "opaque" enough that little -
if any - of the underlying color bleeds through. And if you think
about it, the lozenge represents the actual fabric, so even if the
decals weren't opaque enough, you wouldn't want a light color showing
through. One thing I've seen mentioned is using the same "grey"
that's in the lozenge.

BTW, who's lozenge are you using? What's your assesment of it?
I have used Superscale's 5 color, and Almark's 4 color. I had one
"bolt" of Superscale lozenge that was out of register, but otherwise
was decent. The Almark went on the best. However - if I could get a
hold of it _easily_ - I would like to try Pegasus' lozenge.

Good luck with the model, Jess. Let us know how it all went.


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