Fokker Colors

16 Aug 1995 09:40:09 GMT


The Fokker streaked camo. approach that I use is: "Polly S" acrylic
"Pullman Green" (tall jar in their RR series of colors) over a Humbrol
natural linen enamel. This Pullman green shade tends more to the brown
range than the usual "too green" colors used by most modelers for
Fokker streaked dark olive. Oddly, when applied undiluted it does come
out as a nice dark olive (not brown) that matches closely the various
Metheun references listed.

BTW Fokker D.VI's were NOT delivered in the streaked camo. scheme.
I think(?) the previous poster meant to say "D.V"....

Paint color under lozenge decals, as Al correctly suggested, should be
one of the lozenge colors itself. If there is any mis-registration
then any "show through" will not stand out. As to Lozenge decals
themselves; I suggest you stay away from the entire
Superscale/Microscale line (with the exception of their night
lozenge). I think "Americal/Gryphon", "Almark", or the new "Pegasus"
versions are the most accurate. (Xtradecal lozenge also s--ks - IMHO).

Steve H.
(That Mad Norseguy!)

BTW, my posting on 8/15 concerning "Great War Militaria's" catalog
must be ordered from them, not me(!). And the cost is $10.00 (not
free!). I've had an inquiry on this and just wanted to make this
clear. Their catalog is published four times a year and is definately
worth it. See previous posting for their address.