Pegasus decals

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 10:39:30 +0000

>From Matthew Bittner on 16 August 1995:
>BTW, who's lozenge are you using? What's your assesment of it?
>I have used Superscale's 5 color, and Almark's 4 color. I had one
>"bolt" of Superscale lozenge that was out of register, but otherwise
>was decent. The Almark went on the best. However - if I could get a
>hold of it _easily_ - I would like to try Pegasus' lozenge.

Pegasus kits and decals are quite easy to obtain by ordering them
directly from Pegasus. He accepts MC and VISA and if you buy more than
$16.00 worth of stuff he air mails the order to you at NO charge. I have
made two orders so far this year ( a third to go out today) and items
arrive in about 2 weeks time. The price of the Roland D-II is listed as
9.99 pounds (=$16.00) with today's exchange rate. It is cheaper than you
will get any of these items here in the U.S.
I highly recommend this way of obtaining Pegasus products.

The address:

Pegasus Models
Lancaster House
P.O. Box 50
Kent CT5 2UX

Phone: 44-0-1227-277-569
FAX (if you need it fast): 44-0-1227-770-195

For the most part these decals are well printed, though my example has
some slight mis-registration leading to show through of underlying
wing/plastic color. I would also dispute the accuracy of the colors for
the bottom fabric, overall they are much brighter than examples of the real
thing I have seen.