Re: Aero 72 WW1 in Quick Review.

Mark K. Nelson (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 20:49:28 -0700

This was mailed to me direct, but I figured some others might find it of
interest, so. . .

>> There are currently 4 1/72 injection WW1 kits in Aeroclub's Aero 72 line.
>> These kits are the Aviatik (Berg) D.1 (K003), The Bristol Scout 'D' (K024),
>> The Fokker D.VIII/E.V (K029), and the Fokker D.VI (K030). All four kits
>> sell for 7.35 (in pounds) -VAT + S&H. Some of these are apparantly copies
>> of the C A Atkins metal kits.
> Mark, do know a source for these kits? I've called around and can't
>locate them!

I've always ordered straight from Aeroclub (although Tom's Modelworks will
special order.) Both take Credit cards (Visa & MC.)

5 Silverwood Ave.
NG15 9BU

Fax: (011 44) 1159671633
(011 44 is to dial UK)

For those not in the know: Aeroclub is a handy source for various WW1 kits,
both injected and Vac. They also produce a nice (extensive) line of White
Metal Accessories for WW1 & other Eras. They also own Contrail. (And
besides, their catalog is cheap.)


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)