Re: Fokker Colors

Rick DeNatale (
Thu, 17 Aug 95 21:45:14 EDT

>On 16 Aug 95 at 11:11, Jess Stuart sprecht:
>> Wow! Thanks for all the responses. I love the responce time on the
>> internet 8^)
>> > "Pullman Green" (tall jar in their RR series of colors) over a Humbrol
>> > natural linen enamel. This Pullman green shade tends more to the brown
>> Steve-
>> Ild like to stick with one brand of paint. Is there a Polly S color
>> that will work well for the Humbrol natural linen?
>I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that Steve uses Polly S over
>Humbrol because of the different types of paint (acrylic over
>enamel). That way the two colors won't "mix".

But (Correct me if I'M wrong) AFAIK there are no Polly-S Railroad colors. I
think that Steve might mean the Floquil RR line (These come in tall