Aeroclub Felixstowe

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Sun, 20 Aug 1995 19:52:53 -0700

Sunday Aug. 20, 1995
"Areo 72 in Review" got such polite response ;> so I thought I'd try another.

It's "Aeroclub Felixstowe in Review!"

NOTE: I have not yet built this yet, so this is simply a commentary on
accuracy, contents and features. . .

1/72 Vacuform Felixtsowe F.2A:

This is one big 1/72 WW1 kit! Wingspan is around 41cm (varies depending on
aileron option), length is about 19.5 cm, height is around 7 cm.

The kit's contents include 7 vacuformed sheets, decals, struts, metal bits,
and instructions. The vacuformed sheets contain parts for the fuselage
(including alternate cockpits), upper, and lower wings (single parts),
early and late ailerons (also single parts), cockpit glazing (for enclosed
cockpit option), wing tip floats, and tail parts (horizontal stab &
vertical surfaces are in halves); metal parts include 2 Rolls Royce Eagles
(5 parts each), radiators, exhausts, handed airscrews, engine mounts and
other struts, guns & gun rings, control wheels, and wind driven aileron
assist servos; decals for 5 different aircraft (for nearly all parts
options); there is also 1 piece of contrail strut,1 thin rod, and some
plastic strip.

Details are finely done with lightly raised wing ribs. The wings & tail are
nicely done via a unique molding technique. The wings, ailerons & tail
parts are molded at a 45 degree angle to the sheet. The leading edge of
wings and tail are roughly .080in. and .030in. thick respectively, the
trailing edges (sucked farther into the mold) thin to around .005in. or
less!! Both early (tapered) and late (balanced) ailerons are privided as
separate pieces. The fuselage is molded in 7 pieces: left and right halves,
water plane, bulkhead, enclosed cockpit deck with separate glazing, and
late open cockpit deck. Interior detail is limited to the control wheels
(no seats!?) Decals include 5 serials and personal markings (Black Bess,
Aquila) as well as roundels & tail stripes.

The instructions are step by step, with illustrations limited to wing
sanding advice, 3-views (for parts placement & colors) and a small cockpit

Windsock Vol.7/2 and 7/3 are very handy for this kit. Vol.7/2 contains
3-views (similar to ones enclosed in kit) as well as numerous exterior &
interior photos. Vol.7/3 contains more exterior shots, including some close

The kit scales out well with 3-views in Windsock magazine.

HITS: special wing molding to reduce sanding of wings, decent size, clean
MISS: lack of interior details and lack of non-handed airscrews for late
aircraft (although you can buy another set of handed airscrews to repair

1/72 Felixstowe: kit # K308
(UK pounds) 26.50 - VAT + S&H from Aeroclub.

Of course, to display this aircraft properly requires the Esoteric beaching


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)