Turkish markings

C.P. Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 20:29:05 +0000

On 15 August Mark Rook wrote:

>And now for something completely different...
>2.) Turkish aviation in WWI - All i've ever learned about the role of Turkey
>in WWI aviation is that the national markings were a solid black square, and
>that they evidently had some EIII's on hand at some point. What other AC did
>the Turks fly? What campaigns? Color schemes? Has anyone out there ever
>modeled a Turkish WWI aircraft? Would like to try it myself, but I tend
>toward historical accuracy, so I want to know specifics before getting

A sheet of Turkish national insignia decals are produced by
Americal/Gryphon Decals, 4373 Varsity Lane, Houston, TX 77004. Send $1.00
for a catalog. The sheet has an enclosure that describes use of these
markings and a few aircraft they are used on. Both black and white and red
and white insignia were used. This is the only commercial offering I am
aware of for this segment of WW I aviation (save the old Revell Fok. E-III
in the 3-in1 packing in the 1960's). Happy hunting.

Charles Hart