Re: Latest from Rosemont...

mark (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 16:50:26 -0700

>Someone earlier was asking about 1/48th scale figures. Well...
>Atlee is releasing two new German figures. One is a pilot - seated,
>and the other is a standing observer. Both come with separate arms.
>Atlee is also releasing a 1/72nd seated pilot, waving. Finally,
>something decent to put in a cockpit you don't really want to finish.
>The 1/48th will go for aroun $7.00, and the 1/72nd for around $4.00.
>Barry said he should be receiving them any day, so be sure and
>call/write first before ordering.
>(I do think they also have another figure out, but I'm not sure. I'm
>operating from memory here...<sizzle sizzle>)
>Matt - Thanks for the info on the figures. Are these figures from Atlee
something I should be able to find at any decent hobby shop (there are none
within 100 miles of here - Seattle is probably my best bet), or is this
something I should just mail order? Hope this isn't a dumb question , but,
again, I am new to this. If you know where I could order these from, I'd
appreciate it (have ordered the Rosemont catalog but it hasn't arrived yet).

Also - I'm surprised nobody has taken up my questions about Turkish WWI AC
yet! Has there finally been found a topic thats too obscure for even
<<<this>>> group? I know there's some historians out there - C'mon guys,
take up the challenge! :)
>Thanks again