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Sun, 20 Aug 1995 18:15:50 -0400

Hello my friends, Here is some more stuff up for sale;
Pegasus 1/72 Sopwith Salamander - ltd run inj w/ metal & decals - $10.00
Aurora 1/48 Nieuport 11 - Kit No. 101-100 - inj - $14.00
Wings 1/72 Hansa Brandenburg W.12 V - vac w/ metal & decals - $10.00
The following are complete and contain among other things the articlec as
Air Enthusiast #50, May '93 - article on The Death of the Red Baron, Article
with color photos on Lepere Lusac-11. - $6.00
Air Enthusiast #43, 1991 - article on the experimental aircraft of 'PV' Isle
of Grain Naval Experimental Depot circa 1916. - $6.00
Air Enthusiast #21, April '83 - Article on the Aviatik D.1 photos, color
profiles, plans,
cut away drawing. - $6.00
Air Enthusiast #15, April '81 - Article on the Spad VII photos, color
profiles, plans,
cut away drawing, detail photos. - $6.00
'Ilustrovana historie letectvi' 3 diffrerent volumes. These czech language
books each deal with three airplanes in detail. Each includes photos, plans,
details and color profiles. Book 1 has MiG-17, Hurricane Mk.1, and Spad
VII/XIII. Book 2 has Aero L-39,
Polikarpov Po-2, and Australian Whirraway. Book 3 has Iljusin Il-2, A-10
Warthog, and
Junkers J,1. $10.00 for all three
'Wings-the encyclopedia of Aviation in Weekly Parts' #27 This issue has
extensive history of Caproni, includes among other things details of the
Caproni ww-1Bombers.
also cut away of the tri-motor bomber and more. $4.00
Paperback Books
'The Years of the Sky Kings' Arch Whitehouse $2.00
'The Red Knight of Germany' Floyd Gibbons $2.00
'Fighting the Flying Circus' Eddie Icckenbacker $2.00
'Rickenbacker' his own story $2.00
'Heroes of the Sunlit Sky' Arch Whitehouse $2.00
'Hun Killer' (Frank Luke) Arch Whitehouse $2.00
'The Zeppelin Fighters' Arch Whitehouse $2.00
'The Red Baron' von Richthofen $2.00
'Ace of the Iron Cross' Ernst Udet $2.00
'Falcons of France' Nordoff & Hall $2.00
'Wind in the Wires' Grinnell-Milne $2.00
'Winged Warfare' Bishop $2.00
'The Canvas Falcons' Longstreet $2.00
'Flying Fury' McCudden $3.00
'The Flying Aces' McKee $4.00
'Winged Victory' V.M.Yeates $4.00
'No Parachute' Arthur Gold Lee $6.00
'Sagittarius Rising' Cecil Lewis $6.00
'To The Ends of th Air' G.E.Livock $12.00
Hard bound books
'Fighting Triplanes' Evan Haddingham $120.00
'The Big Fight' Capt. David Fallon M.C. 1918 An Australian infantryman
'Kitcheners Mob' James Norman Hall 10th printing $8.00
'War Birds, Diary of an Unknown Aviator' 1938 printing $8.00
'Cavalry of the Clouds' Capt.Alan Bott M.C. 1918 $8.00
'Wings of War' Knappen, ex library copy,The American effort to go intothe
mass aeroplane building business during ww-1. takes a 'pro' stance.
interesting $6.00
World War One Aero #70,84-86, 88-90, 92,96,103-149 (current) 56 issues
Replica(probably) Pilots Badges & Medals
WW-1 German pilots badge, metal, extreemly nice - $25.00
WW-1 German airship officers badge, extreemly nice - $25.00
WW-1 Iron Cross w/ ribbon, very nice - $15.00
WW-1 Iron Cross in felt pocket, extreemly nice (this could be real? ) -
Pour le Merite (Blue Max) OK - $12.00
RFC pilots badge. embroidered extreemly nice - $10.00

Ok, thats all for now. e-mail direct to

Thanks for your time, Mike