Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 08:17:40 CDT

Well, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I would like to give
an update to the kit wanted request.

I received only 18 lists. Depending on how many people are on this
list (Al?), this is not a good turnout. The largest vote getters
were 1/48th scale (sorry, Steve). I counted all votes, but those
"extra votes" (past the four that I set forth) were counted in a
special tally. The have - in no way - helped the outcome.

Here are the "winners", which I have dubbed as those subjects
receiving two or more votes (as well as at least four entries per
scale - which seems only fair:-)):

In 1/350th:

Subject Number of Votes
------- ---------------

British R class (ship?) 1

In 1/72nd:

Subject Number of Votes
------- --------------------

Nieuport 17 2
Nieuport 11 2
Albatros D.III 2
Ill'ya Muromets 2

In 1/48th:

Subject Number of Votes
------- --------------------

Bristol F2b 3
Sopwith Triplane 3
Albatros D.III 3
Sopwith LCT (1.5 Strutter) 2

In 1/28th:

Subject Number of Votes
------- --------------------

Albatros D.III 1
Albatros D.Va 1
Nieuport 28 1
SE5a 1

In 1/5th+:

Subject Number of Votes
------- ---------------------

Nieuport 28 2
Sopwith Pup 2
Albatros D.Va 2
SPAD 7 2
Fokker D.VII 2
SE5a 2

In 1/4th:

Subject Number of Votes
------- ---------------------

Albatros D.Va 1
Fokker Dr.I 1
Fokker D.VII 1
SE5a 1

The most unusual request was the British R class, although a few more
votes of this type would have been welcome! One could deduce that
the majority of people on this list build aircraft!

One thing I now propose, is to take all requests (including those
not listed above) and actually state a current source. For example,
even though a better Nie17 is wanted in 1/72nd, you can build (and
correct), right now, the Revell or ESCI kit.

I am maintaing this list in an Excel spreadsheet. If anyone wants
to see the entire list, I can format it for tab- or comma-delimited
text file, and you can peruse at your leisure. Or, if you have
Excel, I can uuencode it for you. Let me know. I'll post those
available kits (that I know of) for the most wanted in another post.

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