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> >Other than being 60 miles from Wright-Pat, none of us here in
> >Denver could figure out what they have to offer over Chicago, except that
> >they've not had the show before. *
> Actually, its Chicago that never had the show before. Columbus hosted in
> 1973. Its not a bad place to go, and about 4 hours closer for me then
> Chicago would be, but I was pulling for the Windy City. I've never had more
> then a few hours downtown there in the past. I don't know what factors
> influenced the Executive Board in their choice. I'm sure Columbus will be a
> good host. I believe that theres an Armor museum within reach (Fort Knox ?),
> although I can't remember where.

There is one factor that probably helped Columbus. Chicago decided
at the last minute they were going to bid on it. That it, if it's
the same chapter that's hosting next year's Regional (Region 5).

Being a past member of IPMS/Des Moines, we were VERY upset when the
regional coordinator - in not so elequont terms - screwed Des Moines
over for the regionals. Basically, as of May, Des Moines was the
only one to bid on it, and the regional coordinator actually told us
that we had it. Well, since Chicago decided to bid on the Nationals,
the coordinator gave the regionals to HIS OWN CHAPTER. Hey, I have
no problem with competition, if there is such. But since he said Des
Moines had the regional in May, only to go back on his word and give
it to HIS OWN CHAPTER, I have a huge problem with that.

Sure, Chicago has a lot to offer. Probably more than Des Moines.
But this is a regional, and I know a lot of people go only for the
day. We had better hotel rates, was getting tours lined up (one at
the Army National Guard base's - Camp Dodge - museum, and crawl
through an Iraqi T-62!), and other things. A "theme park",
Adventureland is a 15 minute drive, so the kids have something to do.
Did I mention we had better rates than Chicago - overall?

Anyway, sorry to rant. If there was any way to remove the
coordinator, I would seek to do so. Des Moines is so ticked off that
they said they will no longer persue regionals - which is quite the
shame, since they/we've always put on good shows!

Enough for now. Please email me privately for discussion. Thanks.

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