Re: Fokker E.III in 1/72

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 07:55:09 CDT

On 11 Jul 95 at 16:58, Randy J Ray wrote:

> OK, I am getting ready to ramp up my very first real* WWI project. I am all but
> wholly decided on the Revell Fokker E.III in 1/72 scale. I have the Aero
> Profile, and the Windsock Datafile. I also have Rimell's Osprey book, "German
> Army Air Service in World War One". I hope that I have the bases pretty well
> covered, but I am most concerned about good engine documentation, as I plan on
> scratch-building the engine using the technique Derek Brown used on his 1/72
> scale Ki-46 Dinah that won Judge's Grand at last year's IPMS Nats. It helps to

Your best source for engines is WW1 Aero. I believe (please correct
me if I'm wrong) that the E.III used an Oberursel, 9 cylinder?? Let
me know exactly what type of engine, and I'll look up the issue for
you. Although I haven't put the engines into my database (maybe
now's a good time to start) I can look through the WW1 Aero indexes.

> local knowledge I wish to tap. :-) Now, if only Steve Hustad lived closer...

If Steve did live closer, then you can forget about any awards!:-)
Seriously, Steve is a wonderful person, and worth getting to know.
You have met him, haven't you?;-)

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