Want list sources...

Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 09:51:18 CDT

Here's what I know for the sources of the most-requested kits (I'm
only dealing with plastic, since that's what I build in):

In 1/350th:

Subject Current Source
------- ---------------

British R class (ship?) ?

In 1/72nd:

Subject Current Source
------- ---------------

Nieuport 17 Revell/ESCI
Nieuport 11 Toycraft Berg/Rosemont conversion
Albatros D.III Revell/ESCI/XtraVac
Ill'ya Muromets (Rumor that a Russian company
is working on an injected kit
for $20-30!!!)

In 1/48th:

Subject Current Source
------- ---------------

Bristol F2b ?
Sopwith Triplane Koster
Albatros D.III Skybirds(?)/Glencoe
Sopwith LCT (1.5 Strutter) ?

In 1/28th:

Subject Number of Votes
------- ---------------

Albatros D.III None
Albatros D.Va None (although there is one
in 1/24th)
Nieuport 28 None(ditto)
SE5a None

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