Re: 1 excuse for no wishlist

Thayer Syme (
12 Jul 1995 11:51:35 -0800

Reply to: RE>1 excuse for no wishlist
Thayer, how much does a Proctor Alb. D.Va cost? Although I am
trying to stay in 1/72 static, I wouldn't mind building a Proctor
kit because they are so nice. But I have no idea as to pricing.

Brian Nicklas

Well I just got mine at the end of the production life for @ $775. that's
without a decimal point until after the 5.

Unfortunately Proctor was forced to discontinue the kit due to legal concerns of
the plans draftsman/designer and so you may not be able get one at all now. If
you can find a set of plans, Proctor will still sell you a kit. But without the
plans it would most likely be a real struggle.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...