IPMS/USA Nationals

13 Jul 1995 18:12:18 GMT

To Erik and others interested,

The 1995 IPMS/USA Nationals held in Albuquerque, NM July 6th-8th was

1) The contest room was a bit smaller than Omaha's last year (and MUCH
darker!). Lousy lighting, waaaaay too dark....
2) 1324 models were entered this year total. (1206 last year).
3) The vendor room was also smaller than usual. I'd guess about 80% of
4) Not much new on hand with the vendors. Much released the last few
months that wasn't there! (example - Blue rider's new decal
sheets to name but one thing).
5) Columbus OH got the bid for the 1997 Nationals over Chicago's
offer. Good presentation & planning.
6) Excellent quality on hand, though WW I, 1/72 Biplanes catagory was
very weak, only about 18 entries. 1/48 scale biplanes was a bit
stronger at 23 or so entries - oddly 5 Fokker E.V/D.VIII's with
the same scheme were entered! (One in the 1/48 Vac. catagory).
The scheme with the horizontal white arrow on the fuselage.

7) The Albuquerque guys did a good job overall. Thanks to them!

I did well, but I'm not going to "blow my own horn" on the list here.

Rob Willis got the Mike Fritz Memorial award (Best WW I aircraft) for
a very nice 1/72 Xtravac Albatros D.III of Jasta 5. I won this last
year (1/72 Aviatik B.II Vacform) and now am one of the judges from
then on out for this award. Rob will help us judge for it next year,
and so on.

As to the Pfalz D.XII (one of my favorite WW I birds) - I have not yet
started it! It's "in line" for building in the next year or so. My
"unbuilts" closet is now up to around 415 kits so.....

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)