Latest WW1 Aero...

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 10:07:34 CDT

The latest WW1 aero came in the mail yesterday, and it has a bunch
of great stuff - as usual!

First of all is an article "proving" that Fokker Dr.I's had a sloped
upper fuselage longeron. It's interesting how he came to the

Previously, someone was asking about information on Drachen's. This
issue has drawings not only of Drachen's (including ALL
rigging/wiring - yuck!), but also of the support carriages, as well.
Although a diorama would be neat of a Drachen "in flight", I pity
the person putting on all those wires.

Cockpits/Instruments for this issue is on the Salmson 2A2.
Wonderful drawings.

For those who don't know about WW1 Aero, it's my opinion that those
who model in early- and WW1-aircraft can't do without this
publication. There is so much information, that it's easy to go on
overload. Definitely recommended.

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