Steve Hustad's winnings

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Steve Hustad said:

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> I did well, but I'm not going to "blow my own horn" on the list here.
> Sorry.

OK, OK, if Steve won't, I guess I'll have to:

I.1.a (1/72 Biplanes)

Lloyd C.V from a Plum Blossom resin kit First place

I.2.a (1/72 Small prop - split: "axis non Focke-Wulf")

Kawanishi N1K1-J "George" from a MPM limited-run kit Honorable Mention

I.3 (1/72 Medium Prop)

Yokosuka P1Y2-S "Frances" from a Revell kit First Place

I.4 (1/72 Large Prop)

Mitsubishi G4M2A "Betty" from Lindberg (!) Third Place

I.6.a (1/72 Small jet)

Arado Ar 234 B-2 from a DML kit First Place

I.13.a (1/72 Vac-U-Forms)

Lloyd C.II from a Joystick kit First Place

1.14.a (1/72 conversions)

Siemens-Schuckert D.IV originally from Pegasus D.III Second Place

I.15.a (1/72 scratch-built)

Albatros J.2 First Place

IX.3.a (Dioramas, figures, less than 6 figures)

"Retreat from Vimy Ridge - April 1917" First Place

IX.3.b (Dioramas, figures, more than 5 figures)

"An incident at Verdun - June 1916" First Place

Congratulations, you ugly dog! Baahh! Baahh!

<< more stuff deleted >>

> My "unbuilts" closet is now up to around 415 kits so.....

415! That's not too bad. I've got 607 right now - and that's before what I
bought in Albuquerque! BTW, is anyone interested in a HyperCard stack for
tracking model kits? I wrote it and I'd like some feedback...

> Steve H.
> (The Mad Norseman!)

He's not really mad, he only gets that way when he's out of gin or vermouth!

Happy (WWI) Modeling!
John Roll