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Tue, 18 Jul 1995 08:11:58 CDT

On 18 Jul 95 at 8:46, Jim, via Allan Wright, wrote:

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Great! A new member! Let's keep that plastic flowing!

> > Allen, I'm a Sr. systems analyst at UofM Med. Center getting back into
> > model building. Right now I'm doing a Fokker DrI. Good job on the
> > page.. Have you done anything with airbrushes... I need some references
> > and how to's!!! I would like to use it to do a Sopwith Camel and a SPAD.
> > By the way who's plastic resign kit is good for a SPAD? Thanks. Jim
> > Kotsones.

If you're building 1/72nd, then there are three options (that I know
of). For a SPAD 7, correct the Airfix kit. If you're building a
SPAD 13, then either correct the Revell kit (for about $3-6), or get
Meikraft's (for $13-19). Although there are plenty of modifications
to be done to the Revell kit, they're not too difficult. Also,
although there is some clean up to be done on the Meikraft kit, it is
more accurate. Here's where my memory fails: I think for both kits
you will still have to add a cockpit. I know for the Revell kit you
will, but I can't remember just how much the Meikraft kit contains.
Your best bet here is to either get the Airwaves or Eduard
photo-etched sets, if you don't like scratchbuilding.

In 1/48th, your best bet for a SPAD 13 is the DML kit. Testors/Hawk
has produced a 13 (as well as Aurora, I believe), but the DML kit is
- by far - the best. For the SPAD 7, you have two options. Blue Max
released an injection kit, and JMGT released a resin kit. Which to
get? Depends on your wallet. I've currently seen the Blue Max kit
go for around $30; however, I believe (again, memory fails) the JMGT
was going for around $60. (?? someone else?) From what I've read in
reviews, the JMGT is a wonderful kit. I've also read that the Blue
Max isn't a bad kit either. Which one you buy is entirely your call.

Good luck, and welcome! This is a great group of people, all more
that willing to lend a hand (or a wire)...

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