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Saw this on the net might be of interest here.

Allan you might want to send him info on subscribing.

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From: (Bob Pickwoad)
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Subject: WW1 Aircraft...misc. stuff
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 21:04:43 UNDEFINED
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I'm building a 1/4 Scale Nie.28 based on the Proctor kit representitive of
that flown by Wentworth of the 94th Aero. I'm having a problem determining the
proper colors to use for the snake he painted on the cowl/fuselage. Anyone out
there with some answers/documentation?

Also, I have a NIB proctor Jenny kit with some xtras that I'd like to swap
for a Proctor Fokker EIII or use to barter for a Proctor Albatross DV. I'd
also, if anyone is not willing to let go of an Albatross or EIII kit, like to
swap plan sets. I have the plans for the Nie 28, Nie 11, and the original Beck
Jenny plans as well as the additions included in the kit (I'd just get copies
of the kit stuff to keep it together).

Thanks in advance for any help on the Wentworth question and, if anyone out
there is planning to buy or has any questions re. the Nie 11/28 I'd be glad to
help. I've got about 1 1/2 year into the 28 now and have made many mods to
ensure accuracy, as well as hundreds of flights on the 11. If anyone is
interested, I also have Antic plans as well (mono and bipe).

Bob Pickwoad

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