Re: Latest from Rosemont...

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 08:06:52 -0500

On 8 Aug 95 at 5:40, Thomas Eisenhour sprecht:

> Wait till you turn 40 my friend, then you'll understand the beauty of
> large scale. ;-)

Actually, I consider myself lucky. I'm 31, and my eyes have started
to get _better_! Must be all those carrots I'm eating! ;-)

> After building - and competing with - 1:72 exclusively for years, I now
> like the large scale stuff much better because I can SEE it when I'm
> building it and because it can be SEEN when displayed. What "presence"
> does a 1:72 Fokker Dr.I have on a contest table? Not much!

Ah, so true, so true. It's easy to "lose" a 1/72nd Dr.I, especially
when you're in a "Gold-Silver-Bronze" comeptition, and it's sitting
next to AMT/Ertl's new XB-35!!! Actually, I had this "problem" with
the XF-85 I built. One of the local club's competition I purposely
set my Goblin "underneath" the Flying Wing, just to give some
perspective on the size of the things. Well, lo and behold, I take a
"second" (silver), and the flying wing didn't take anything! Sweet

And I have ventured a little into 1/48th (much to the chagrin of
Steve Hustad), just for a change of pace. Sure, it's easier to "see"
and "feel" the parts, but my satisfaction is more with the smaller
scales, and what one can accomplish in those scales. Not to toot the
proverbial horn, but I did more of a bang-up job on the 1/72nd SdKfz
265 (Panzer Ib command car), then most people in our club do on
1/35th machines. Those MV-Product lenses sure look great in
1/72nd... :-)

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy seeing those bigger kits. Ed
Boll's Dr.I's are FANTASTIC, and I wish I could do as good a job as
him. Heck, at the '91 nationals, he kitbashed a 1/28th (or was it
1/32nd?) Camel into a Pup. Quite amazing!